To ensure we keep this community a positive and inclusive one, the PSMINI Motoring Club board has a few guidelines for all who join the Facebook group:

1.         Keep posts MINI/MINI related. We love pictures of MINIs, How-To’s and even a video of you doing cookies in the snow – but keep the chatter about your [dog, Grandma, football, etc.] to your own Facebook page.

2.         When posting, keep it positive! We will not tolerate posts that:

A. Engage in conduct or activity that may raise questions as to PSMINI’s reputation or otherwise cause embarrassment to the club or group.

B.  Appear offensive, including those that include political or religious propaganda, pornography, violence, weapons, or anything that can be perceived as harassment.  This is not the place for these things, please keep them to your personal Facebook page.  

C.  Deprive anyone of their rights. PSMINI will remove any post that discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital or parental status, national origin, citizenship status, veteran or military status, age, disability or any other status. In short, be respectful.

3.         While some banter and teasing is normal, posts which provoke controversy and discontent will not be tolerated.

4.         Do not reuse any images from the group without the photo owner's permission. We all love sharing pictures of our cars with each other - but let's keep it here where only invited guests and members can view.

5.         Do not post anything that might create a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest may occur when a member’s personal interest or activity negatively interferes with, or even reasonably appears to negatively interfere with, the interests of PSMINI and its reputation.

6.         Do not block any of the Admins for the PSMINI Facebook group. Blocking admins will result in your removal from the group. Admins can still see posts even if they are blocked.

7.         Request approval from PSMINI Events Coordinator prior to cross-posting events that are connected to other clubs or enthusiast groups. 

A. For insurance and liability reasons, PSMINI Admins will first review your proposed event then guide you through the process of appropriately labeling and sharing your event (i.e. Facebook group, Wild Apricot PSMINI website, or both.)   When approved, PSMINI will ask that the member include specific language denoting the event is not an official PSMINI Motoring Club event, but that PSMINI group members are invited to attend, to include the following: 

“This event is not an official PSMINI club event and is not sponsored by the club.  Contact sponsoring member for more information: NAME OF MEMBER.”

B. Posts that are related to MINI but are from non-competing organizations (for example a related Audi club event, Porsche track day, etc) will generally be considered acceptable as long as they are relevant to our MINI motoring community.

C. Posts that promote other clubs with the same demographic, competing for the same membership base will generally not be allowed. (For example, advertising brand X MINI club events on PSMINI social media is detrimental to our club’s growth.)

8.         Interact with PSMINI sponsors and vendors respectfully and professionally.  Members with concerns or complaints regarding individual services or products should communicate privately with the vendor. Posts seeking only to rant, rather than seek solutions or information are inappropriate. Any posts, language, or social media interactions that appear threatening or aggressive toward a vendor/sponsor are unacceptable and will be removed.  

If group members notice an issue arising that reasonably appears to break one of the above rules, please contact a current PSMINI admin. List of admins can be found in the Group Info section under Members. Should a PSMINI Facebook Group member be found to have broken any of the above rules, or the spirit of the community rules, at the discretion of the group admins/moderators are the following possible actions:

1. All your posts/comments can be deleted, or/and

2. You can be “muted” for a period of time, or/and

3. You can be removed from the group.

Now, let’s get back to motoring!

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