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Update from the Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club Board: Statement on Events During COVID-19 Pandemic

September 9, 2020

The PSMINI club has had to change or restrict activities in accordance with COVID-19 state ordinances and guideline.  Some members have noted that some other car and enthusiast groups are organizing group drives and wondering why PSMINI doesn’t do the same.

PSMINI is an organized non-profit social club, registered with the State of Washington. While some casual clubs and Facebook friends have continued to gather, PSMINI and other organized clubs have also cancelled indoor and large outdoor group events.

According to Washington State Safe Start guidelines, non-profit, volunteer-run recreational groups are generally required to adhere to the same practices as those for for-profit businesses.  At this time, all local regions are required to practice social distancing practices in accordance Washington State’s four-phase Safe Start.  Depending on activity, these can include naming a representative responsible for following/enforcing Safe Start guidelines, providing hand-washing stations & PPE for event staff, temperature checks for all participants, and limiting participation to between 5 and 25 members, depending on activity.

The PSMINI Board shares your frustrations around a lack of events for 2020, and we will continue to consider not only the health risk to our vulnerable members, but also the risk to our club as a state-registered non-profit organization if public health ordinances are not followed.

Happily, select activities have been allowed to proceed under a special governor-approved motorsports facility variance. These include events like HPDE (track days), autocross, and car control clinics. These no-spectator events allow a larger number of participants and require adherence to public health guidelines. The club has encouraged participation in these approved motorsports events, while reminding members to follow the our social media guidelines for promoting other formal/informal clubs.

Every PSMINI member is responsible for the level of health risk they are comfortable taking, for themselves and their families.  As a club, the PSMINI Board will continue to look for the safest ways to provide a fun environment, in accordance with current state requirements.

A few final notes:

We would like to remind dues-paying PSMINI members that they continue to enjoy discounted products and services during this time, and that their dues help pay for everything need to keep an 100% volunteer-led club going, including the technology infrastructure to manage a membership database, website, and more, for 2020, 2021 and beyond. While yearly dues are non-refundable, members are free to cancel paid memberships at any time and disregard future renewal notices.

Additionally, membership dues do not substantially fund club sponsored driving events, with the exception of the annual Maryhill Loops Run event, for which the club pays road rental and insurance costs. (In consultation with other car clubs that canceled their 2020 Maryhill events, the board determined that the motorsport variance would not apply to this event and that our PSMINI Maryhill 2020 event should also be canceled.  It has been tentatively rescheduled to June, 2021.)

We look forward to gathering again to drive our MINIs together.  Until then, continue to participate in our PSMINI Facebook group, virtual events, and other safe activities to enjoy your MINI.  Your safety is always our biggest concern.  The PSMINI Board looks forward to motoring with you all again very soon.

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